Where are we?

Capital of the Matarranya region of northeast Spain, Valderrobres is a picturesque medieval town, located in an idyllic natural environment, close to the Mediterranean Sea and adjacent to two natural parks: Mountains of Beceite Natural Park and Delta of the Ebro River Natural Park. 

As the Matarranya region has been influenced by Aragonese, Catalan and Valencian cultures, you will have an excellent opportunity here to familiarize yourself with several important regional cultures that have contributed to the overall culture of Spain.



Architectural treasures

Elegant and stately, Valderrobres boasts an important architectural heritage. Walking its cobbled streets, squares and arcades is like returning to the middle ages.

A medieval bridge over the Matarranya River offers access to the town.

At the highest point in town sits a palatial, gothic, 14th - century castle. Next to the castle is the massive, Gothic Santa María la Mayor church, constructed at the beginning of the 15th century.

In the main square, you´ll find the magnificent, Renaissance town hall - a beautiful mansion built in 1599.

Our school is located in this historic mansion!


The environment

The beauty of nature

For nature lovers, the Matarranya region offers many beautiful spots to stroll and enjoy: 100-year-old fields of olive trees, networks of mountain trails, and rivers with deep pools of clear water that are ideal for bathing in the summer.

The region also offers ample opportunities to practice adventure sports such as canyoning, climbing, speleology, horseback riding, canoeing, quad biking, BTT, 4x4, and more.

Moderate climate, all year long

The Matarranya valley has an inland Mediterranean climate, with no extreme temperatures in either winter or summer. You will enjoy the amazing sun that is typical of our country most of the year.

Visual delights

In spring, marvel at the visual spectacle of almond-tree blossoms, whose smooth pink and white tones contrast vividly with the intense red color of the poppy fields.

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 How to get to Valderrobres

From your arrival in city in Spain, travel to Zaragoza. The most convenient way to get there is by AVE (high speed train), although you can do it also by bus or by plane. When you arrive in Zaragoza, we will meet you there and transport you to Valderrobres. 




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Natural Pool Valderrobres Calaceite, Teruel, Spain