Customized Crash Courses

Customized Crash Courses

We offer individual, flexible, customized courses that are tailored to your interests and needs.  You can choose:

* start and end dates of your course.
* objectives you hope to attain with your course.
* aspects of your Spanish that you would like to improve.

Among the people who can benefit from this course:

* people with busy lives and little time to study.
* people who need to learn Spanish intensively, quickly or under a deadline (perhaps because they're going to move to, work in, or travel to Spain or to a Latin American country).
* beginners who would like to progress quickly and efficiently.
* people who'd like to refresh their rusty Spanish skills.



At your request, we will be happy to prepare a customized, no-obligation estimate of the cost of your course.  This estimate will be based on your goals and on the number of hours and days in your course.

Important Information About Our Course

We custom your course depending on your current level of Spanish, from beginner to advanced.  In selecting content for your classes, we take into account your interests and hobbies.

In your crash course, you will interact with your teacher by simulating real-life situations in classroom, and by doing exercises related to those aspects of your Spanish that you'd like to improve.

Our experienced teachers bring energy and enthusiasm to the classroom, making your learning experience enjoyable.

Make the best use of your time with our crash courses!!

What´s included in the price of the course?

* Transportation by car from Zaragoza or Tarragona to Valderrobres and from Valderrobres to Zaragoza or Tarragona at the end of the course.
* The number of hours of classroom training in Spanish.
* One-on-one conversations with instructors.
* Free use of the Valderrobres public library.
* Enrollment and course supplies.
* Certificate of attendance.
* FREE email service for one year, answering your questions about Spanish.