36 hour Intensive Course for adults (9 days)

36 hour Intensive Course for adults (9 days)

The main objective of this course is to help develop your communication skills. To achieve it, we offer our classes totally in Spanish.

Plus in the classroom, you will practice writing and reading and Spanish, learning by doing, following the premises of Communicative Language Teaching.
The key principle of this method es that the students are the main actors in the classroom, learning the rules in the same intuitive way that children learn their native language. Under this system, their progress is impressive.

Please, ask us available dates. We will answer you with pleasure.

Important Information About Our Course

* The course is recommended for people with an intermediate level of Spanish or above.
* Classes limited to just 5 people. 
* The course takes place from Monday through Friday (1th week) and from Monday through Thursday (2th week).
* Your stay in Valderrobres begins Sunday evening and ends Saturday morning.

  How to get to Valderrobres.

  If you choose, we will pick you up in Zaragoza on Sunday afternoon, and transport you to Valderrobres.
Then, when the course is finished, we will transport you back to Zaragoza after breakfast on Saturday morning.
This two-way transportation service has an additional cost of 60 €.

You can also travel on your own by bus from Zaragoza to Alcañiz, and from Alcañiz to Valderrobres. You can find more information at

  Before dinner on Sunday, we introduce ourselves and get to know each other. 

• You receive classroom instruction in Spanish Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., with a half an hour break.  

• Friday morning, after breakfast and a farewell ceremony, we transport you to Zaragoza.

• After you finish the course, we assign you a password for the private area of our website. There, you will find exercises and activities you can download, to continue learning Spanish at home. We will correct your exercises and answer your questions FREE for a year after the end of your course.

Need More Information?

For more information about this course, please contact us! We will answer your questions with pleasure. 

What´s included in the price of the course?

• 36 hours of classroom training in Spanish.

• Free use of the Valderrobres public library.

• Certificate of attendance.

• FREE email service for one year, answering your questions about Spanish.

Not included in the price of the course:

  Enrollment and course supplies: 25 €

  Optional, transportation from Zaragoza to Valderrobres, and from Valderrobres to Zaragoza: 60 €

  Accommodation (students are responsible for booking their own accommodation).

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